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The Maul at Castle Rock

11 May

Readers who have frequented this site no doubt have heard of the massacre of prairie dogs resulting from developers who want to build the Promenade Mall in Castle Rock. Deep Green Resistance is happy to publish a deeper background story on the massacre by freelance journalist Suzanne Grover.   The Maul at Castle Rock by […]

Bushwhacked: Tamarisk, a water-guzzling alien, is wreaking havoc in the West

9 May

How many ways can people screw up when trying to bend the landbase to their will? The following story by Pam Zubeck of the Colorado Springs Independent starts to add them up. Bring your calculator. By Pam Zubeck @PZubeck Tamarisk’s frothy branches of pink and green embellish creeks and river banks — a haze of […]

Castle Rock Lets Slip Its “Vampire Sustainability” Plan

6 May

Stay in school, kids. Or if not, stay out of government. Because when you misunderstand fundamental notions like ‘sustainability’, you can make stupid decisions. The Castle Rock government’s ignorance of such a basic concept, left unchecked, would wreak damage on the Front Range’s land base in and near the municipality. At the May 5 Town […]

Most of What You Need to Know About Alberta Development

12 Mar

Alberta Development Begins the Assault

11 Mar

After several days of warning signs growing clearer, Peter Cudlip’s Alberta Development agents today began the first of a two-day mass killing of the prairie dogs on the site of the planned Promenade Mall. A Denver television station was on hand for much of the carnage, and Fox31 Denver posted this video: “Poisoning of prairie […]

Castle Rock Activists Remain on “High Alert” for Alberta Assault on Prairie Dogs

10 Mar

Deep Green Resistance forwards this message from our friends at Wildlands Defense. (As editors at this site are engaged in this resistance, we may not post much until this initial assault threat is resolved. We’ll update you as soon as we can.) As always, check out for more information. Friends, Today, Tuesday the 10th, we […]

Is Alberta Development Planning Another Assault on Prairie Dogs?

8 Mar

We in Deep Green Resistance have received reports from the Prairie Dog Liberation Front of Castle Rock that Alberta Development, perpetrators of the Promenade Mall in Castle Rock, are planning the next phase of their extermination of the giant prairie dog colony on the site of the construction. Previously, Alberta resorted to simply ignoring the […]

Activists Continue the Fight for the Castle Rock Prairie Dogs

6 Mar

Peter Cudlip and Alberta Development, along with the Town Council in their pockets, wish the activists would go away. That’s not happening, as the following story from the Castle Rock News-Press details. Activists continue fight for prairie dogs Group explores options to protect wildlife from future development As protesters stood at Founders Parkway and Factory […]

Castle Rock Town Council Ignore Citizens, Approve Destructive Mall Continuation

5 Mar

Another day, another assault on democratic governance and the Colorado ecosystem by the Castle Rock Town Council. Following up the February 17 2015 meeting, last night the Council OKed the continued development of the invasive and destructive “mega-mall”. Fox 21 Denver reported on the meeting: As with the last session, many activists and lovers of […]

Castle Rock Newspaper Articles Reveal Mayor Donahue’s “Logic”

2 Mar

What’s wrong with this picture? It didn’t take much research to uncover the disingenuousness of Mayor Donahue’s comments at the February 17 Castle Rock Town Council Meeting. At that gathering, Donahue summarily dismissed nearly 25 testimonials (1½ hours of public comment, i.e.) opposed to the construction of the Promenade Mall, muttering comments about ‘jobs’ and […]