Alberta Development Violates Promise, Starts Burying Prairie Dogs

4 Feb

The Castle Rock Killing Field, aka “The Nation’s Biggest Mall”, continues to take deadly form on Colorado’s Front Range. Concerned individuals called the town last year to inquire about the construction they heard might take place at the expense of this colony, only to be told no work would begin until 2016.

See the Prairie Dog colony? We don't either, anymore.

See the Prairie Dog colony? We don’t either, anymore.


That, of course, was a convenient lie. In November 2014 a local newspaper ran a story describing the upcoming destruction: “Castle Rock is Getting One of the Nations Biggest Malls.” Surprise – the carpet was pulled out from under the activists. Alberta Development LLC continues with its plans for the construction of the mall and the annihilation of this prairie dog colony.

Can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, amiright?

Can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, amiright?


Clearly, we’re fighting a losing battle right now in our efforts to stop this destruction. However, we still think we can at least relocate enough Prairie Dogs to keep the colony alive, somewhere else. We need to find willing land owners to take on 100 acres of Prairie Dogs, and we also need a media campaign to convince Alberta Development to delay construction until June so we can relocate the Dogs in a way that will ensure their survival.

Please help us help the Prairies Dogs. Click on the indiegogo link below to  help share this story with other concerned individuals via media outlets, to encourage Alberta Development to do the right thing, and to encourage land owners to take in this colony.

The sooner the better – Alberta Development plans on eradicating 40 acres of the prairie dogs on or around the second week of February.

Here’s the link:

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