Help Save the Castle Rock Prairie Dogs: Fund Wildlands Defense

15 May

Readers of this site understand how precious our wildlife is, and how hard some of us are fighting to preserve the living world.

Deep Green Resistance’s good friends at Wildlands Defense are fighting the good fight, but need your help to succeed. Check out the link below, and help as you can.

Fund Wildlands Defense

PDog in snow

Wildlands Defense has worked tirelessly on the campaign to save the Castle Rock prairie dogs. We have made tremendous strides in effectuating long lasting changes in prairie dog policies. A safe and beautiful relocation site has been secured for the rescued prairie dogs and the hundreds more that still remain on the site. Our grassroots effort has suceeded in putting a referendum up for the citizens of Castle Rock that enables them to help decide on whether or not a 177 million dollar mall should be constructed. All of these sucesses have broke ground and opened up a path for effective policies that will ensure the survival of this keystone species.

Each of these victories have required endless paperwork and litigation. The board members of Wildlands Defense have put hundreds of volunteer hours into this effort to save these amazing animals and the habitat that sustains the life dependent upon the living landscape. We are asking for your financial support to ensure that we can continue our work. Without your support, we can not continue our efforts.

The remaining prairie dogs on the Promenade site are in need of being relocated. We need the funds to drive this. We can not relocate these prairie dogs without the necessary litigation that will put pressure on the developer to allow a relocation. Relocations are also expensive. The 87 dogs that were just relocated have so far been on complete volunteer time and expenditures. We need financial assistance to cover the costs already incurred and to continue these efforts into the future.

Please help us support the dedicated activists of Wildlands Defense. Without your support, we cannot continue our work to save short grass prairie habitat and the remaining prairie dogs on the Promenade site.

Wildlands Defense is a 501(c)(3) and all donations are tax deductable.

Thank you for your continued support.

Wildlands Defense

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