Castle Rock Wildlife Advocates Not Going Away

20 Feb

Despite a staged vote by the Castle Rock Town Council (following a sham ‘appeal’ process) to allow the Promenade Mall ecocide project to continue, lovers of life and the planet continue their efforts to save as many prairie dogs as possible.

And their efforts continue to draw media attention.

Sadly, Mr. Cudlip had no comment on the story. What could he say? Everyone knows he hates the animals. In fact, representatives of his company were reportedly outraged that people were feeding the prairie dogs, who starve while they await their fate. Moreover, during the Town Meeting, the Council were asked by a petitioner if concerned individuals might have permission to feed the animals. That question was not answered. It was the only question not addressed by the Council.

Deep Green Resistance thanks the Castle Rock Town Council for again lifting the scales from our eyes.


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