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Activists Continue Fight Against Promenade Mall in Castle Rock

2 Mar

Land developers have reared their ugly heads recently in Castle Rock, Colorado, where they have begun constructions on a 900,00-square-foot abomination called the Promenade Mall. Unfortunately for the local ecosystem, this construction will wipe out the thousands of prairie dogs who live where the mall is being constructed, and will irreparably harm scores of other […]

Castle Rock Wildlife Advocates Not Going Away

20 Feb

Despite a staged vote by the Castle Rock Town Council (following a sham ‘appeal’ process) to allow the Promenade Mall ecocide project to continue, lovers of life and the planet continue their efforts to save as many prairie dogs as possible. And their efforts continue to draw media attention. Sadly, Mr. Cudlip had no […]

Castle Rock Council Sell Out Wildlife, Teach Valuable Lesson in “Governance”

18 Feb

Deep Green Resistance would like to thank the Castle Rock Town Council for reminding us activists why we can’t let up, ever, in our efforts to save the planet. (Hint: It’s mainly because the so-called ‘stewards’ of the community sure as shit aren’t going to do it.) Last night, at the Town Meeting, the Council […]

An Open Letter to the Castle Rock Town Council

16 Feb

Editor’s Note: The following is an adaptation of a letter written by a member of Deep Green Resistance and of Wildlands Defense. As a member of Deep Green Resistance and a Colorado resident myself, I reprint the letter here in the hope it can spark interest on the part of other residents and lovers of […]

Forest Service delays final decision on controversial Wolf Creek land trade and development scheme

15 Feb

  “Land swaps” seem to be a trend lately. Deep Green Resistance and others have noted, for example, the Swap that cedes land sacred to the San Carlos Apache tribe to mining interests. Another land swap is in play, this time closer to home. The following story is reprinted from the Summit County Citizens Voice. And again, the proposed swap is […]

PRESS RELEASE: Douglas County Mall and Prairie Dog Colony

13 Feb

Nation’s Biggest Mall in Douglas County Slated to Destroy One of the Largest Prairie Dog Colonies on the Front Range By Deanna Meyer:   February 13, 2015 Castle Rock, CO – Douglas County’s Town of Castle Rock recently approved construction of the ‘Nation’s Biggest Mall’ on top of one of the largest prairie dog colonies along […]

Castle Rock Town Meeting: Come Help Us Save the Prairie Dogs

13 Feb

We hope you’re keeping track of the ecocidal plans of Alberta Development to build “The Nation’s Largest Mall” in Castle Rock, Colorado.  For a quick review, please check out these links: Alberta Development Violates Promise Help Save the Castle Rock Mall Prairie Dogs Efforts to resist this destruction continue. Last night (Wednesday), nearly 20 concerned […]

Alberta Development Violates Promise, Starts Burying Prairie Dogs

4 Feb

The Castle Rock Killing Field, aka “The Nation’s Biggest Mall”, continues to take deadly form on Colorado’s Front Range. Concerned individuals called the town last year to inquire about the construction they heard might take place at the expense of this colony, only to be told no work would begin until 2016.   That, of […]

Help Save the Castle Rock Mall Prairie Dogs

28 Jan

The ‘Nation’s Biggest Mall’, planned  for Douglas County, Colorado, would kill one of the largest prairie dog colonies on Colorado’s Front Range. Currently, Alberta Development LLC is in charge of the construction and annihilation of this prairie dog colony, which is critical to the plains’ biodiversity and long-range health. Alberta Development is planning on eradicating 40 […]

The ‘Nation’s Biggest Mall’ Slated to Kill One of the Largest Prairie Dog Colonies on Colorado’s Front Range

26 Jan

by Deanna Meyer, Deep Green Resistance Member Recently I heard news that our county (Douglas) was getting one of the nation’s biggest malls. The news simultaneously sunk my heart and angered me. Why the hell do we need another mall? To consume the world? Then my mind raced to the location of the mall, and […]