There’s Still Time

15 Aug

Bear with three cubs.jpg_thumb

“Bears are made of the same dust as we, and breathe the same winds and drink of the same waters. A bear’s days are warmed by the same sun, a bear’s dwellings are overdomed by the same blue sky, and a bear’s life turns and ebbs with heart-pulsings like ours and was poured from the same fountain.” —John Muir

“Those who like to kill bears for fun claim that male bears kill cubs. It has been known to happen, but is very rare. Fact is that male bears rarely harm cubs. Why? Because they are not interested.” —The Bear With Us Sanctuary and Rehabilitation Centre for Bears, Ontario, Canada

There is still time for justice to win against power and its rancid pleasures of domination. Yes, it is still possible. But yes, like love, needs to be a verb, our best and only hope.

Deep Green Resistance

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