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Bushwhacked: Tamarisk, a water-guzzling alien, is wreaking havoc in the West

9 May

How many ways can people screw up when trying to bend the landbase to their will? The following story by Pam Zubeck of the Colorado Springs Independent starts to add them up. Bring your calculator. By Pam Zubeck @PZubeck Tamarisk’s frothy branches of pink and green embellish creeks and river banks — a haze of […]

Stop Thinning Forests

19 Dec

Over 10 years ago, we contracted with the Forest Service on a 50/50 grant to thin 20 acres of land through hydro axing a large percentage of the trees in hopes of creating a park-like environment that we were assured would improve forest health and help with mitigation of fire. After completion of this project, […]