Is Alberta Development Planning Another Assault on Prairie Dogs?

8 Mar

We in Deep Green Resistance have received reports from the Prairie Dog Liberation Front of Castle Rock that Alberta Development, perpetrators of the Promenade Mall in Castle Rock, are planning the next phase of their extermination of the giant prairie dog colony on the site of the construction.

Previously, Alberta resorted to simply ignoring the existence of the prairie dogs, and either buried them under tons of rock and soil, crushed them under heavy machinery, and/or bulldozed them and their burrows out of existence.

Recent rumors, however, suggest Alberta may be turning to more ‘technical’ final solutions to their local prairie dog problem – Aluminum Phosphide Fumigants. Here’s a description of this chemical:

Trade names include Phostoxin, Fumitoxin, PH3, and Weevil-cide, and most brands are available as both a pellet and a tablet. Aluminum phosphide reacts with atmospheric moisture to produce phosphine gas. Phosphine gas is highly toxic to insects, burrowing pests, humans, and other forms of animal life. It may also ignite spontaneously in air at concentrations above 1.8% v/v.

Prior to treatment, the applicator must prepare a fumigation management plan (FMP) for each fumigation. See the applicator’s manual for a checklist of what must be included in each fumigation management plan. An FMP sample for burrowing rodents is also available at the Colorado Department of Agriculture website.

Here’s how Aluminum Phosphide works. From The National Center for Biotechnology Information (, symptoms include:

in moderate to severe ingestional poisoning, the signs and symptoms of the gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems appear initially and, later on, features of hepatic and renal failure and disseminated intravascular coagulation may also occur

Apparently, victims of aluminum phosphide poisoning bleed out, and not necessarily quickly. It’s a gruesome fate, one that we do not wish on any living thing.

So, why are Alberta operatives resorting to this cruelty? Simply, the prairie dogs are in the way. Animal rights and ecological justice activists have pleaded with Alberta and their henchman Peter Cudlip to at least halt development on the mall long enough to allow for relocation of the prairie dogs, to save as many of these creatures as possible. All requests have been not only denied, but summarily ignored.

It’s just easier to eliminate the colony and all its residents now. Not only does quick extermination keep construction on track, it is suggested this tactic would obviate a raptor survey planned for the site next week. Hey, no prairie dogs, less chance we’ll see raptors, since the dogs are a food source for them. No raptors, no pesky federal environmental regulations to be bothered with. Problem solved! Now that’s Progress!

Weather considerations have kept any potential poisoning operations on hold. However, Monday (March 9) the poisoning window opens, and we may see crews out spreading aluminum phosphide among the prairie dog burrows.

If you care about the fate of the prairie dogs and the ecology of the Castle Rock area, please consider showing up, to voice your displeasure at this most inhumane destruction. Here’s more information, and some other ways you can help, from

Mass Poisoning May Occur On Prairie Dog Colony

P Dog in the SnowWe received information yesterday that Alberta Development LLC in partnership with either Animal and Pest Control or Smith Environmental will be exterminating this colony of prairie dogs through the use of Aluminum Phosphide, a nasty chemical that causes a slow and agonizing death.

This poison causes the animals to bleed out internally and it takes 72 hours for them to die an excruciating death. Yes, Alberta has sunk down to this level.

This could likely happen either Monday or Tuesday. We have to do what it takes to stop this atrocity and we need each and every one of you to take the time and the necessary steps to help us stop the torturous murder of thousands of animals.

Monitor the Site

Keep monitoring the site. Yesterday, I saw a burrowing owl about 3 miles away at a different prairie dog colony. There are burrowing owls out there. Please watch for them. Also watch for any suspicious activity at the site.

Please work out a schedule that will allow you to get onto the site in case of an emergency protest for this coming week

Thank you all for your time and I hope we can stop this atrocity.

For the Prairie Dogs!
Deanna Meyer, Wildlands defense




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