Castle Rock Council Sell Out Wildlife, Teach Valuable Lesson in “Governance”

18 Feb

Deep Green Resistance would like to thank the Castle Rock Town Council for reminding us activists why we can’t let up, ever, in our efforts to save the planet. (Hint: It’s mainly because the so-called ‘stewards’ of the community sure as shit aren’t going to do it.)

Last night, at the Town Meeting, the Council sat and ‘listened’ to nearly 25 individuals deliver impassioned, eloquent, enlightening speeches imploring the Council to delay (not even cancel – merely delay) construction on the Promenade Mall, so we could relocate the prairie dogs being exterminated by the construction.

After barely containing their impatience with the long line of speakers, the Council “deliberated”. The Mayor mumbled some comments about jobs and growth, and the Council voted unanimously to continue the project. As a side note, none of the 25 or so speakers spoke in support of the mall. None.

After we were warned about outbursts being cause for removal from the premises, several folks in attendance still shouted at the Council for their obscene mockery of the governance process. Afterwards, in the foyer, the Mayor received a few more choice comments. I think he listened to them about as much as he did the testimony.

Interestingly, though, the mood in the crowd following the Meeting was not dejection. Nearly everyone I talked to was outraged, and determined to follow through on our efforts to save the prairie dogs and maintain something of the natural heritage of what’s left of the beauty of Castle Rock and the Sedalia area.

The following posting makes clear our focus. Read on, and help us help the wildlife!


We Will Not Be Silenced!

P Dog Family
We will fight for this family. Help us save them from death by poison and torture. The pregnant females and families need our help and our actions. Please join us.




Join Us In Stopping This Annihilation

Dear Prairie Dog Supporters,

Please read this email through. The prairie dogs are in immediate danger:

The town meeting last night was heartbreaking. We packed the room with concerned residents, with standing room only. Several of us spoke very powerful, articulate and emotional speeches requesting that the council delay development and save the thousands of prairie dogs and countless other lives that are living in the area of the proposed Promenade at Castle Rock Mall. Peter Cudlip, the man in charge at Alberta Development, was unfeeling, calloused and quite frankly, presented the typical psychopathic behavior of a profiteer hell bent on turning lives into cash.

After hearing from us, the council took about 2 minutes to approve the project and gave Cudlip the green light to exterminate all the prairie dogs on sight. None of our concerns were addressed, other than a few “technicalities” that were called on, and no members of the council even deliberated for an instant to give any of our concerns the time and thought they deserved. The entire meeting was recorded here. Click on Item 8 if you would like to watch the proceedings:

Our current situation is as follows:

Alberta Development and Peter Cudlip, the man in charge, will exterminate all the prairie dogs as soon as today if they are not stopped.

We have to put media and legal pressure on Alberta development immediately.

What you can do:

For all of you that live in Castle Rock and the surrounding area, please WATCH THE SITE and keep us updated as to ANY actions that are occurring on the ground.

For all of us that were there last night and feel the rage and sadness that I do, please write letters to the editors, make calls to the media and try to get some coverage on this issue.

Call Alberta Development and write Peter Cudlip at the following to express your concern and anger over this issue. Ask them to refrain from killing the prairie dogs and to relocate them in June:

Alberta Development’s contact is Nicole Haselden. She can be reached at 303-253-7517
Peter Cudlip’s email is:

Be ready to get on the site and stop the destruction of the prairie dogs in the form of a protest and direct action. Keep updated on these emails, encourage others who care to sign up for emails, and be ready to defend the prairie dogs.

Continue to fund this struggle so we can cover our legal team and the actions they are taking to stop this atrocity at the following link:

We need to send out a strong message that we will NOT accept the loss of our kin for a shopping mall. Please get involved, and help us save the lives of this beautiful colony of prairie dogs.

Continue to check email and do not hesitate to contact us with further ideas about the direction we will take this campaign. This is a community effort, and we need everyone of you on board with ideas and help.

We will not give up on the prairie dogs. We will fight for them and for their future. Please help us by acting in whatever capacity available to bring this issue to the foreground and illustrate that Alberta Development will NOT get away with the wholesale slaughter of these prairie dog families and let the council know that we will not be silenced.

Thank you for your continued support, and for all of you that were there last night. You give me hope and determination and ensure me that anything is possible.

For the Love of the Prairie Dogs and Life,

Deanna Meyer and Wildlands Defense

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