Stop Thinning Forests

19 Dec

Over 10 years ago, we contracted with the Forest Service on a 50/50 grant to thin 20 acres of land through hydro axing a large percentage of the trees in hopes of creating a park-like environment that we were assured would improve forest health and help with mitigation of fire. After completion of this project, we were devastated by the results. The land looked like a clear cut with few remaining trees, and wood scraps blanketed the land that used to be our healthy living forest. We were assured this would all grow back and were told to ignore the landscape and trust that the Forest Service knew best and that we had done what was right for the land. Because of the tremendous mistake we made in thinning our land, I wanted to share my discoveries with others so people have the opportunity to become better informed about decisions they make on forested land and on policies implemented throughout the National Forests.

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