Support Production of a Documentary on The Crisis at Oak Flat

28 Jan


Arizona Senator John McCain has slipped a controversial land bill into the 2014 National Defense Authorization Act that hands over 2400 acres of protected and sacred land to mining corporation Rio Tinto, completely dismissing the religious and cultural beliefs of the San Carlos Apache Nation who consider the area sacred. Although tens of thousands of citizens have voiced outrage over this selling-out of indigenous people and their land, so far money is trumping concerns for the people and the land.

Deep Green Resistance shares in the outrage over this conspiracy to rape the land and the culture of the people and all who live with it. We stand with the San Carlos Apache people in resisting this latest incursion of industrial civilization into the land, and offer our help in this resistance effort.

We solicit your help, too, in supporting this work. We would love for you to join us in stopping the Rio Tinto land grab, and one way for you to contribute is to help get out the word about what is happening in Arizona. Director Ezekiel Kelly is working with the San Carlos Apache Nation to communicate the beauty and heritage of Oak Flat as a foundation for mounting its defense.

Ezekiel Kelly and his film crew have filmed interviews with many of the main players in this fight. They have documented the public events surrounding the controversy and accumulated footage showcasing the beauty of Oak Flat. In the process, they also learning of the challenges the Apache people face in an effort to preserve their traditions. Their goal is to get this film into festivals such as Sundance by next year.

To contribute to the fund for this film, please head to the Kickstarter site:

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