The Ecology is Collapsing

22 Aug

Deep Green Resistance provides more evidence of that, below.

Indicators of Ecological Collapse:

Industrial processes are contaminating the bodies of nearly every individual in this culture, as well as many others. Although the levels of toxins found in the body are often deemed as acceptable, their presence is a clear sign of the unhealthy nature of this culture’s practices. We should not be surprised by the enormous increase in cancer rates in the United Sates when nearly every baby is receiving carcinogens from their mother’s breast milk.

The percentage of girls under 8 years old with swollen breasts or pubic hair has gone from 1% to over 6% in just the last 8 years.

Male sperm counts have dropped more than 30% in the past 60 years.

More than a dozen highly toxic chemicals are present in our environment in large quantities.

Help us dismantle the systems that are destroying life on this planet. Read more at Indicators of Ecological Collapse

Artwork by Stephanie McMillan

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