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Nature on the Rack: Will Falk on Mauna Kea

21 Jul

Please check out this passionate, eloquent essay from Deep Green Resistance member Will Falk. Will deconstructs the issues surrounding the ongoing attempts to block construction of an 18-story astronomical observatory with an Extremely Large Telescope (ELT). We can’t add to Will’s work; we only note that western science, like so much of industrial civilization, is merely […]

Construction of Thirty Meter Telescope on Mauna Kea on Hold Again

25 Jun

Story reprinted from Hawaii News Now Deep Green Resistance notes with exhilaration that activists on Mauna Kea have stalled desecration of the mountain. Resistance damages the system of industrial civilization, and even small successes rightfully encourage others to take on the mantle of activist. Resist now. Resist always.   HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – Construction of the […]

Help Save Mauna Kea from the Astronomy Industry

7 Jan

Many if not all indigenous peoples treasure sacred places – areas of the natural world in which the people live, which provide special meaning, refuge, and succor. Sacred places often serve as locations for (embodiments of, even) rites and rituals that strengthen the cultures of the people who value these places, and which serve as […]