Endgame Premises Archives: 6: Civilization is irredeemable

Civilization is not redeemable. This culture will not undergo
any sort of voluntary transformation to a sane and sustainable way of living. If
we do not put a halt to it, civilization will continue to immiserate the vast major-
ity of humans and to degrade the planet until it (civilization, and probably the planet) collapses. The effects of this degradation will continue to harm humans
and nonhumans for a very long time.

Capitalism and Your Health

13 Aug

People aren’t rioting over the toxification of the total environment and their loved ones dying of cancer. They’re not rioting over the United States spending billions of dollars-billions and billions of dollars-to kill people all over the world. And, in fact, one of the smartest political moves that any politician can make is to increase […]

‘What I Want for This Land’

5 Jul

The following was written by a member of Deep Green Resistance Colorado. I love this land. I love the plains and the hills and the forests and the mountains and the rivers, and everyone who calls those places home. I’ve lived here my entire life, and while I don’t know this land nearly as well […]